"I had the pleasure of working with Stacey Kronick during a very stressful time in my life.  Stacey acted as my review counsel while I was doing divorce mediation.  She was always very professional, honest, organized, and expertly prepared to guide me and answer all of my questions.  When I needed to speak to her, she always made herself available either by phone or face-to-face.  She was compassionate and always made sure I understood everything.  When mediation reached an impasse and we decided to discontinue it, Stacey worked very nicely with the other review counsel to help us finish, in record time, what was left to negotiate.  I appreciate her hard work and dedication, and I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a topnotch divorce attorney.”- Michelle W, Woodbury, CT July 2019

“I can't say enough about the professionalism, knowledge and care that Stacey provided throughout my divorce. She balances empathy and understanding with assertiveness and leadership. With Stacey in charge, I felt like I could deal with the more emotional components of my divorce because I knew Stacey had my back on the legal and procedural components. Truly, I would not recommend anyone else to help one navigate the rocky terrain of divorce. " -Nicole O, Fairfield, CT January 2018

I could not have asked for better representation! Stacey Kronick was efficient and incredibly supportive throughout my entire divorce process. I felt that she went above and beyond in every way possible to achieve the best result for me. All of my questions were answered promptly. I really cannot say enough great things about working with Stacey.  She made a very difficult time much easier to handle.." -K.D, Shelton, CT November 2017

"In a complex, multi-stage negotiation, Stacey was a strong and consistent voice of clarity. Her work to support me, protect the interests of my children and delineate the process was clear and compassionate. I am grateful for her wise counsel and intelligent navigation through a separation and divorce resolution." -Mary M, Westport, CT March 2017

"Stacey made the whole divorce process (from the legal side!) painless.  She worked very well with my ex-husband's attorney and as a result the case moved at an aggressive but comfortable pace. Reminding me to put emotions aside when necessary, Stacey offered great comfort and support during a very difficult time.  She was very organized and this made for a seamless ride."   — Amie L, Fairfield, CT  July 2016

"Stacey was amazing during my divorce. She kept me grounded when I wanted to jump off the deep end. Stacey masterfully handled my ex-husband and had me divorced in under four months. I am so grateful to her for getting my divorce completed quickly and efficiently."   — Kimberly, Redding, CT  June 2016

"Stacey was my rock during my divorce. I did not have an attorney and through my search I found the best lawyer imaginable. After thirteen years of marriage, I did not know what I was entitled to.  Stacey educated me as to my rights.  Stacey is caring, professional and is a pro.  I know she would have gone to any length for me if needed. I could not have asked for a better attorney. I am so blessed to have found Stacey and recommend her to anyone going through a divorce or family law matter."   — Stacey B., Danbury, CT  May 2016

"Stacey was my sanity in the middle of utter chaos. I was frustrated with the mediation process and Stacey accepted my case immediately. She was extremely supportive and delivered sound advice on how to proceed with the mediation process. Immediately all of my frustrations disappeared and I was confidently able to navigate a fair settlement. I would not have been able to accomplish this without Stacey's no nonsense, direct and fair approach. I am forever indebted and grateful for her services. I strongly recommend Stacey Kronick!"   — Betsy, Fairfield, CT  April 2016

"Stacey was an excellent attorney who helped me create a reasonable and fair prenuptial agreement with my fiancé a few months before we were getting married.  She was extremely timely and responsive and we were able to get through the process in a very short amount of time, which was great for us as a couple trying to navigate what could become an awkward and complicated process. Stacey was an excellent communicator and very easy to work with. I would highly recommend her."   — DJ, Stamford, CT  April 2016

"After having worked with several lawyers, I was happy to find Stacey who instantly helped me reduce the stress of my divorce. She is very responsive, detail-oriented and excellent at giving clear and effective legal advice. I would recommend her to anyone going through the tough reality of divorce."  — Stuart, Fairfield, CT  February 2016

"I will be forever indebted to the colleague who recommended Stacey Kronick to me. I had interviewed several divorce attorneys but when I met Stacey, there was no doubt who I would choose. I know toughness and competence when I see it. Divorce after 40 years is very complex.  Stacey was a brilliant pilot who navigated the course with steady, assertive professionalism. She was available, super organized and clear with me regarding the potential outcomes of my decisions. The final result was a fair and equitable divorce agreement. Stacey kept me on track so the process did not drag on endlessly. I am relieved that my divorce is behind me but I am so grateful that the process was made so tolerable with Stacey Kronick at the helm."  — Deborah, Ridgefield, CT  January 2016

"Stacey handled my difficult divorce like a pro. She was a tough but fair negotiator and was always very clear with me about my options and what the likely outcomes would be of any course of action we were considering. Stacey is very knowledgeable and was very skilled at handling challenging situations as they arose during my case. She made it possible to settle my case without having to endure a lengthy and costly trial. I am grateful for her help and would recommend her without hesitation."  — Doug, Westport, CT   July 2015 

"I highly recommend Stacey as a divorce lawyer.  She handles the delicate balance of professionalism and support while understanding what a highly emotional and traumatic time this can be for the client. She is prompt in her response, and my divorce was completed in a very short time frame thanks to how she worked with my ex-husband's lawyer. Stacey is respectful, a fighter when needed and experienced in all matters surrounding the divorce process. I have the utmost respect and gratitude for her representing me and supporting me throughout this process."  — Anonymous, Fairfield CT  July 2015

"Stacey is everything you could want in an attorney. She strikes the perfect balance of professionalism and compassion, and understands that each family situation is unique. Stacey is intelligent and knowledgeable and incredibly supportive. She not only understands the financial aspects involved in divorce, but understands the emotional upheaval that can occur when children are involved.  My ex-husband and I still have a very positive relationship with no animosity and I credit Stacey for this as she did not make us adversaries.  I could not have asked for anyone better to have in my corner."  — Ardys, Southport CT   February 2015

"It is very challenging to find the right attorney to help you through the complicated process of divorce. I was both overwhelmed and exhausted by the time I found Stacey. She had come highly recommended by a trusted friend and I am so grateful for the recommendation. I had already been through mediation and I needed someone to help me sort out the details of my agreement. Stacey was able to put things in perspective for me, her advice was invaluable. I have sent many colleagues and friends to her and have only gotten positive feedback. Stacey is an attorney who can understand the human and emotional aspect of not only divorce, but of finances and parenting as well.I continue to utilize her expertise as I transition into the next layer of co-parenting after a divorce."  Jennifer, Fairfield, CT December 2014

"Stacey was the silver lining behind the dark cloud of my custody matter. She gave me comfort and confidence that we would reach a fair resolution that was in my best interest and in the best interest of my son.  She was a fierce advocate for me and came through with every promise she made. I recommend her without hesitation."  — Frank, Westport, CT September 2014

"Stacey, you were a very good lawyer.  You will always be my lawyer whenever I need one. I let everybody know how you took care of me and my sons during our modification of custody. I am so thankful."  — Joe, Bridgeport, CT August 2014

"Stacey provided me with excellent legal advice. Aside from being a knowledgeable and trustworthy attorney, she was a real friend to me. At times when I lost focus she helped me get back on track. She was always there when I needed her. I could not have gone through the process of divorce with anybody else."  — Lilian, Wilton, CT   July, 2014

"I contacted Stacey through a client and friend of mine. Stacey immediately was able to take on my case and met with me within a very short amount of time. Being as upset as I was leaving my home and separating myself from my family, Stacey always made my fears disappear. Stacey obtained the most fair deal for me in my divorce and I am indebted to her personally as she made a painful situation for me completely tolerable and almost pleasant."  — Mark, Fairfield, CT December 2013

"Stacey is a trustworthy, accessible and knowledgeable attorney. She is very professional and works hard to find the best solutions for her clients. The communication between myself and my ex has been much more productive since I engaged Stacey.  She responds to my inquiries promptly and is very organized. It is a great pleasure to work with her."  — Susan, Westport, CT  November 2013

"I consulted Stacey post-judgment regarding a complicated co-parenting problem. I was conflicted about how to move forward. Stacey provided direct and concrete advice that allowed me to modify my divorce agreement and put in place safety measures for my children that helped me feel more comfortable. Stacey was assertive, professional and empowering throughout a difficult and volatile situation. I left every meeting with her feeling heard and I trusted her to help me make the best decisions for myself and my children. Having an attorney who is grounded and clear is very important. She was consistently available either through phone or email. I am thankful for her advocacy and guidance."  — A.M,  Wilton, CT  June 2013